• ZfP

    Supports business start-ups and young enterprises

Center for Production Technology (ZfP)

As one of the competence centers of the TZDO, the ZfP supports start-ups and young companies from various areas of the production technology. The offer includes supply of the technological infrastructure and a machine pool on rental basis. The range of services includes marketing, couching and cluster management. Operating internationally but still with a regional focus, the ZfP is the ideal platform for contacts, co-operation and know-how transfer. Therefore, the ZfP has a central function for the location development of PHOENIX West as well as for the regional expansion of clusters for production technoloy.

Investor/building contractor/owner:
Stadt Dortmund/special funds
gross floor space: 10.000 m²
completion: autumn 2008

The ZfP was financed by funds of the city of Dortmund, the state of NRW,the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union.

Technological Focus

As a cross-sectional technology, the production technology brings together a large number of single technologies. Through the thematic proximity to Dortmund’s future-oriented branches – IT, MST, logistics and biotechnology – and their competence centers – MST.factory, e-Port, BMZ – as well as through the close relationship to colleges and research institutes, this location offers an enormous potential for synergies. 

The center for production technology Dortmund supports linking up the crossover technologies as well as the necessary process of the technology transfer. The aim is the networking and rapid transfer of the research and development results from the most diverse basic technologies that are included in the production and manufacturing technology.

In the ZfP this is directed to the requirements and skills of the consumer markets focussing on:

  • materials and surface technology
  • robot and automation technology
  • sensor technology, signal processing, measuring technology
  • production methods for microsystem technology
  • production processes for metal forming and machining
  • technology production-related services including corporate logistics and quality control
  • application center