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ISRW Dr.-Ing. Klapdor GmbH

ISRW Klapdor is an engineering office offering architects, builders and planners key services in the areas of sound insulation, room acoustics, protection against vibration and protection of sound immersion.

technology-oriented services
Contact info
Company name ISRW Dr.-Ing. Klapdor GmbH
Address Martin-Schmeißer-Weg 15
Zip Code & City 44227 Dortmund
Location Wissenschafts- und Technologiecampus
Phone 0231 / 225397-0
Fax 0231 / 225397-29
Homepage https://www.isrw-klapdor.de
E-Mail info@isrw-klapdor.de
Contact person
Name Herr Christian Schoffer
E-Mail info@isrw-klapdor.de